Microsoft case study: WellPoint

WellPoint has moved to Office 365, decommissioning 270 servers and increasing email service reliability from 95 to 99.99%

The following is taken from a case study published by Microsoft on 9th July 2012.

WellPoint is one of the largest Health Benefits companies in the US with 37,000 employees. They have migrated from on-premise technologies to Office 365 (Dedicated plan)

Initial benefits realised are focused on operational efficiency and improved messaging service (larger mailbox quotas, higher availability). There is also mention of future plans to improve collaboration using SharePoint Online including migration of 3 terabytes of data and encouraging the use of MySites .

This was our first experience with cloud-based services, and we were concerned about data security. Microsoft reassured us. They provided a dedicated online environment and worked with our security department to meet our requirements.

– Kelly Woodward, Director of Technology at WellPoint

Benefits achieved include:

  • 270 servers decommissioned
  • Increased service reliability from 95 to 99.99 percent and availability from 98 to 99.999 percent
  • Larger mailbox quotas seen as reducing need to spend time cleaning out inboxes…
  • Reduced IT administration, re-focusing IT staff on to strategic projects

The email migration took place from September 2011 to April 2012 with an error rate below 1 percent (considered significantly lower than the industry standard).

“By January 2012, we reached velocity migrations, moving more than 1,000 mailboxes a night,” says Woodward. “In total, we moved 65,000 mailboxes and the project encompassed 50,000 PCs and 7,000 Blackberry devices.”

Source: Microsoft Case Study: WellPoint