American Airlines use of tablets

American Airlines has deployed 33,000 tablets to in-flight staff. Having started with Apple iPads, now moving to Samsung Galaxy Notes citing added security and customisation options

Business Insider has an article covering how American Airlines (AA) is using tablets, one of the largest known corporate deployments.

  • 33,000 tablets in total
  • 23,000 are from Samsung, not Apple
  • Most recent purchase: 17,000 Samsung Galaxy Notes last Autumn for flight attendants
  • Pilots already using 10,000 Apple iPads in the cockpit

Reasons AA chose Samsung for the recent purchase (also considered iPads for the flight attendants):

  • “Samsung for Enterprise” (SAFE) program, adds security and management features to all Samsung Galaxy devices
  • Ability to customise to meet AA needs (presumably because they are running Android OS)

Details provided by Lisa Canada, AA’s Managing Director for Operations Technology