Dropbox opens up to developers

Popular file sync-n-share service DropBox is opening up its service to allow developers to create custom solutions for integrating with other services

As reported by Wired – DropBox announces a new set of tools to enable developers to build solutions on top of the platform

…the hard drive needs to be replaced because so many of us are doing so much computing on devices that don’t fit the traditional paradigm for working with files. Users don’t interact with files on iOS, Android, or the web the way they do on PCs. Apps don’t have “open” or “save” options that launch a separate window where you tap through a folder tree. – Drew Houston, DropBox CEO and Founder

The new add-ins that enhance DropBox capabilities are being called ‘Drop-ins’ whilst leveraging DropBox within other solutions is using a concept call ‘Datastores’

Taken together, Datastores and Drop-ins transform Dropbox into a platform that enables a “pervasive data layer” — a way for all your digital stuff to follow you everywhere, regardless of device, operating system, or app.

And they are also looking to expand beyond traditional files:

mobile devices have spawned a less file-centric user experience, much of the data we generate and access doesn’t have a separate life as a document. You don’t play Angry Birds on your phone and then save your game as a “.ang” file.

Some current stats:

  • 175 million customers
  • 1 billion files added to the service daily
  • No comment regarding what % are paying customers