Leading Successful Change Projects

The following presentation was delivered for a SharePoint Business Briefing at Microsoft UK in November 2013. Exploring the 8 steps to introducing change and why so many SharePoint projects fail to deliver the value expected

In 1995, John P Kotter wrote an article ‘Leading Change: 8 steps to a successful transformation and why most transformation efforts fail’, that was published in the Harvard Business Review. Nearly two decades later and the same advice could be applied to many of today’s technology projects. As new technology increasingly disrupts traditional working habits and business systems, implementation requires far more than just installing the software.

The presentation below was delivered to the London SharePoint User Group on 28th November 2013. Taking the 8 steps considered required for a successful transformation and comparing them to experiences with SharePoint projects over the past decade. Some soundbites from the talk have been embedded into the presentation. Enjoy!


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