Research Notes

Market analysis and practical experiences published as research notes that can be downloaded for offline viewing and printing via the ‘Save’ link in the online web viewer:

Developing a Content Strategy on Office 365

An overview showing how Microsoft’s roadmap for content management has shifted with the introduction of new features in Office 365

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Office 365 Subscription Plans

An overview of what is included in the different Office 365 plans, as of 1st October 2014, across business, government, academic and non-profit sectors

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Tablets for Information Work

Evaluating the different options provided by the three main tablet vendors – Apple, Google and Microsoft

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Analysis of Cloud Computing for Social Business

Evaluating the online tools available for social business and collaborative working

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SharePoint Strategy: A Quick Guide

A brief overview of our SharePoint Strategy & Governance starter kit used to help clients plan and implement SharePoint as a platform for a range of information-based applications

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Business Benefits Realisation

A condensed version of our framework to prioritise IT investments, based on research from the IBM Institute for Business Value combined with studies at Cranfield University Management School

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