Aetio helps clients evaluating or investing in digital and mobile technology to modernise the workplace. Providing strategic and practical insights to introduce new ways of working


glyph-target-150Business Analysis

Exploring and evaluating the business case for change. Providing immediate advice to guide decisions about potential systems improvements, technology investments and benefits realisation

Discovery Workshop A short intensive engagement to evaluate ideas and accelerate decisions. Typically a one or two-day investigation followed by analysis and recommendations. Creating a low-risk/low-cost environment to quickly identify options, with a summary report to outline findings
Organisational Analysis A more in-depth engagement to assess the ‘digital fitness’ of an organisation. Typically consisting of interviews, observations and system reviews. Gathering evidence-based feedback that is then mapped against industry and market trends to provide insights and direction
Digital Roadmap The target outcome from performing a business analysis is to provide a digital roadmap. Highlighting key factors to consider when introducing change across four axes: people, technology, content and processes, including the potential cost, value and risks to consider


glyph-levers-150Digital Strategy

A proven framework for establishing the strategy, architecture and governance plans to modernise delivery of information and communications technology (ICT) services

Vision and
Outlining the business directive and aligning the technology mandate – is the goal to improve, grow,  transform or disrupt? Defining technology options and approaches to achieve desired outcomes
Planning the different scenarios and solutions for creating, organising and sharing content. Spanning formal and informal channels, scheduled and real-time interactions, on-premise and mobile/online access
Setting the scope and structure for deploying a platform to provide common services essential to creating a digital business – identity, content management, communications and productivity tools
Defining roles, procedures and guidelines to encourage good uses and deter bad habits, maintain performance and meet compliance needs. With a decision framework to resolve conflicts and support growth


glyph-magic-150Solution Design

The heart of our work – reimagining the workplace for the digital era. Helping clients leverage the unique capabilities of digital technology to achieve smarter and more productive outcomes

– Define the business case and project scope
– Research the idea to explore/problem to solve
– Map the current position ‘as is’ to identify the base line
– Envision how digital technology can improve performance
– Map the recommended solution and approach ‘to be’
– Prototyping to demonstrate options and outcomes
– ‘Just enough’ architecture and design: the minimum viable solution
– Emphasis on human-centred design and measurable benefits
– Specification of technical and non-technical dependencies


glyph-chat-150Virtual Advisor

Systems with people at the centre of interactions are never static. Technology investments can fall short of expectations when they are introduced standalone and fail to take into account the organisational change and future iterations needed to realise the benefits

Our Virtual Advisor service provides consulting advice on-demand. Bridging business and technical roles to support continuous improvement and help organisations take advantage of emerging trends and technologies as and when they become relevant. Decisions about adopting new technology should be considered within context and vendor priorities are not always aligned with business needs

Popular with organisations seeking to modernise information systems, particularly those within regulated industries who often face additional compliance challenges when introducing new technology. We create a tailored package that can include performance reviews, attendance at governance board meetings, mentoring to assist ongoing projects, and presenting market research to guide future investment decisions



We have a flexible and modular delivery model:

  • Discovery workshops are £2,500 to £4,950 including summary report of findings
  • Projects with defined objectives and deliverables range from £15,000 to £95,000
  • Virtual Advisor consulting packages start from £9,950 per year

Fees shown are exclusive of taxes and travel/subsistence costs for site visits


Background Information

To find out more about our methods and expertise, view About Aetio