Digital Subscription

Our Digital Subscription is the decision maker’s equivalent of the technical help desk. To support continuous improvement and benefits realisation from technology investments

The subscription is £1,800 + VAT per organisation1 per year

To purchase or discuss a subscription, please complete the form below:


What’s included in the subscription? 


Privately-published materials include:

Client Papers Research Notes created for business and technical decision makers. Condensed advice and guidance to help inform decisions about potential projects and investments

Summary versions are short presentations, freely available to download under Materials. Client Papers are the full versions in document format with more in-depth details and guidance

Knowledge Wikis Our documented expertise to help guide projects. Information that we use ourselves and share with clients and subscribers including solution templates and samples

We currently have three knowledge wikis:

  • Business-IT Strategy – industry trends, market research, case studies and executive guidance for digital governance and workplace innovations
  • Digital by Design – our templates, design guidelines and samples for analysing organisations, mapping requirements and creating solutions
  • Microsoft Guide – our hands-on labs for evaluating business, technical, design and content matters using Microsoft software and services


Roundtable Events

Online roundtable events are organised to discuss newly published materials and provide guidance about current trends, market activities or recent announcements from vendors. The duration is usually up to two hours with a mix of content formats that can include presentations, demonstrations and (we encourage) active debate

An invite is sent out in advance to all subscribers. If a topic proves popular, we will divide it into multiple roundtables to give everyone the opportunity to participate. We will also schedule repeat events for different timezones


Discussion Forum

We have a private social network for announcing and discussing regular content updates and news headlines (that often come via our Twitter feed), and anyone is welcome to post questions or topics for general discussion

We also issue periodic ‘breaking news’ alerts when there is a significant event that affects recommendations regarding a particular solution, design approach or technology choice. Often followed up with a roundtable event and/or client paper to discuss in more detail


Email and Phone Queries

Whilst we prefer to keep as much of the conversation in the Discussion Forum as possible for everyone to benefit from knowledge shared, all subscriptions include unlimited2 email and phone queries – submitting questions privately for quick and instant pointers to help move projects and ideas forward


Online Consultations

Private online meetings to provide tailored consulting advice. The meeting is held over Skype, Lync or in a Google Hangout, and can include hands-on demonstrations via remote desktop sharing. It is preceded by an email conversation and/or initial call to agree the agenda and can include follow-up actions after the meeting via email or phone


1 The subscription includes up to four individual login accounts
2 Restrictions may be introduced but only if volume becomes an issue